Motorcycle Sunglasses

Always wear protective clothing and gear when riding your motorcycle, including, a leather motorcycle jacket, leather chaps, leather boots, gloves, SeaSpecs motorcycle sunglasses and a motorcycle helmet. Don't buy just any leather jacket. Motorcycle jackets are not normally sold in regular stores. Check out local motorcycle dealers and motorcycle magazines. Get a good quality jacket with vents front and back that will allow air to circulate. Check out brands like Hein Gericke, Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Harley Davidson, Bell Helmets, Fly, Scott, Thor, Shift, No Fear, Berik, Motoworld Racing, EVS, Azonic, O'Neal, Shoei, Ogio and Roadgear. Always maintain your motorcycle. Keep records of when you replace tires, chains, clutch cables, batteries, brakes, etc. You don't want an equipment malfunction to contribute to a motorcycle accident and don't forget to always wear your SeaSpecs Xtreme Motorcycle Sunglasses.

When tooling around on your hog, don't forget to sport a pair of SeaSpecs! They help block out harmful UVA and UVB rays that can harm your eyes and reduce tons of glare off of road that you'll be cruisin' across!

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