Extreme Sailing Sunglasses


SeaSpecs are the best Sailing Sunglasses I've ever had! Bill Gibbs & The Afterburner.
Winner of the Newport to Ensenada race.


When you're on the water sailing, you definitely need sunglasses. Not just any glasses - you need SeaSpecs Sunglasses for sailing! Sea Specs polarized sailing eye wear protects your eyes from the sun and water spray. Hours of exposure to the sun's harmful rays puts your eyes at risk, sometimes even causing sunburn. Long hours on the water sailing makes your eyes vulnerable to permanent damage. SeaSpecs wraparound water sports sailing sunglasses come with a built-in, secure strap to keep the sun glasses on your head where they belong! Rx SeaSpecs can be made to your prescription so you can see everything while you're sailing. Check our FAQ page for details.

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