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Better than kayak goggles, SeaSpecs Kayaker sun glasses gives you the edge.
Kayaker Brett Pennefather / Umzimkulu River, South Africa / Photographer James Hodson

Kayaking Sunglasses

Why wear Kayaking sunglasses?
Kayaking is one of the top water sports both in the ocean and inland waterways, rivers and lakes. Kayakers only need moving water to get them going and they can stay out for hours exposing their eyes to damaging UV radiation and water spray. Too much of these elements can cause eye problems like cataracts, pterygium, dry eyes, macular degeneration and even sunburned eyes! None of that matters because there are water sport sunglasses made to protect the eyes - surf sunglasses.

What are Kayaking sunglasses?
Kayaking Sunglasses (or surf sunglasses) are designed to hold up against the force of the water that kayakers encounter. The frames are made from Injection Molded Nylon, which is extremely strong, yet lightweight. The hinges are an integral part of the frame and are also made of Nylon, making them as strong as the frame. The frame is ventilated to allow air to flow freely to reduce fogging. The lenses don't push toward the eyes and are polarized and 100% UVA and UVB resistant. Kayaking sunglasses have a built-in secure strap to keep them on your head so you can see when.

The Best Sunglasses for Kayaking
Every water sport has different elements to overcome. Sun, water, wind, waves and river currents all affect the kayaker. The best kayaking sunglasses have a one-handed adjustable strap and are comfortable even after hours on the water with or without your helmet. The best sunglasses for kayaking are the Jet Specs, Sunset Specs and Crystal Specs - depending on the time of day.

Prescription Kayaking Sunglasses
The kayaker who wears glasses to see on land needs prescription Kayaking Sunglasses in the water! Any whitewater kayaker running a Class 3 river or higher must be able to see to precisely maneuver the long rapids, powerful, waves, irregular and dangerous rocks and boiling eddies. Don't try it with contacts - they may come out and you definitely don't want that to happen when you're running the river. Be sure to use white water kayaking sunglasses with prescription lenses. All the information you need to order Kayaking Prescription Sunglasses is on our FAQ page.

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