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I've used SeaSpecs all day also when the waves were big in Puerto Rico! I've really enjoyed your product...your glasses saved my eyes! -- Fabio Fugazzatto, Italy

Extreme Surf Sunglasses

It's been said that the history of surfing dates back a few thousand years, which is totally believable given the attraction of the ocean to man. The Polynesians of Tahiti were the first to surf during the 18th century. The first person to record surfing may have been an explorer named Captain James Cook who wrote that he watched the Tahitians riding Hawaii ocean waves in canoes. Mark Twain even wrote about native men and women of all ages "surf-bathing" when he visited Hawaii in 1866.

As the sport moved to the US mainland and to every other country with a coastline, more and more people took up the water sport. With so many places to surf and so many people surfing, surfboard design became more and more sophisticated as shapers began to consider wave type and surf style. There are surfboards to ride different waves like small waves, long barrels and giant killer waves. Surfers can pick a board for a certain type of wave and get the best ride possible.

Surfers don't need much in the way of gear. Surfboard boards and surfboard wax, surf racks, leashes and sunscreen, that's all you need to catch a great swell. But the longer you stay in the water, the more uncomfortable your eyes become. Did you know that your eyes can get sunburned? Prolonged periods of time in the water exposed your eyes to harmful UV rays. That can lead to severe eye problems and permanently damage your eyes. Many surfers have eye problems like pterygium, cataracts, macular degeneration. Unfortunately, some even get eye cancer.

You definitely want to get the best surfing sunglasses to protect your eyes. Forget about goggles and dive masks, they don't work and they're uncomfortable so you can't wear them very long. Land-based sunglasses don't work even with a lanyard. You need sunglasses made for surfing - sunglasses with a strap to keep them on your face where they belong!

Although the strap is very important, you need more than that to get the best surf sunglasses. The frame needs to be ventilated to help reduce fog. The lenses must be polarized to cut glare and they need to be UVA & UVB resistant to block the sun's harmful rays. Tint options for the lenses are also important because the light is different at certain times in the day - sunny conditions require a darker lens (grey) and at dawn/dusk brown lens provide perfect coverage. Sometimes it's so overcast that clear lenses are necessary, but you still need to block the harmful UV rays.

Finally, price is as important as design and functionality.


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SeaSpecs - The Best Surfing Glasses

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