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Why use Wind Surfing Sunglasses?
Wind Surfers are exposed to the elements all day long - sun, water and, of course, wind! The sun beats down on you all day with harsh UV rays while the wind is constantly in your face - drying out the eyes. Finally, the water, oftentimes salty, continuously splashes in the eyes. When you combine the three elements the eyes get dried out and feel like they are burning. Wind surfing can last all day long and the eyes can get sunburned which can lead to other eye problems. Dry eyes can cause macular degeneration. Repeated sunburned eyes can cause eye cancer. That is why you need to use Wind Surfing Sunglasses.

Some Features of Wind Surfing Sunglasses
To get the most protection possible sunglasses for windsurfing should provide maximum coverage across the entire line of sight. This means the frame and lenses of the wind surfing sunglasses must Wrap-Around the face. Polarized lenses are another important feature of windsurfing sunglasses because the water reflects and intensifies the glare. And the lenses usually offer 100% UVA & UVB protection.

The Best Wind Surfing Sunglasses
Windsurfers can stay out on the water for hours and get hammered by waves and strong winds. The frame must be made of molded nylon which is stronger and more durable so when you take a face plant the wind surfing sunglasses won't break. Like surfing sunglasses, anti-fogging vents in the frame keep the lenses clear so you can see. The best sunglasses for wind surfing come in a one-size-fits-all frame and have a built-in strap system so they stay on your head while you're getting blown around on the water. The strap is adjustable with only one-hand so you can stay comfortable for long periods of time. Multiple lens color options are very important so you can get the best vision possible no matter what time of day you are windsurfing.

For bright, sunny conditions we suggest Jet Specs for wind surfing, for early morning and late afternoon - Sunset or Tortuga Specs, and for extremely overcast days - the Crystal Specs.


Prescription Sunglasses for Wind Surfing
Don't worry if you wear glasses, Prescription sunglasses for windsurfing are available at an affordable price. Your eyes will be protected from UV sun rays, wind and water spray so you can see the best waves to catch while you're out on the water. You can stay out longer without getting your eyes sunburned! SeaSpecs offers a variety of frame colors and 3 lens colors for wind surfing prescription sunglasses. You can find easy order information on our FAQ page.

Wind Surfing Sunglasses as a Gift
If you know someone who windsurfs, like a friend or family member, windsurfing sunglasses make the perfect Gift. You don't need to know anything about wind surfing and most of the gear is expensive, but sunglasses for wind surfing are affordable! Shop for wind surfing sunglasses that come in a one-size-fits-all style - Buy 2 and get 1 FREE - click here Shop.

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