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Vision Savers

My opthalmologist told me to use sunglasses in the water or i could lose my vision. I have been wearing SEASPECS for about 8 years now and while everyone else is squinting into the sunlight, i am sitting cool and calm waiting for that next wave that i can see so well. Not only do SEASPECS protect your eyes, but when the light is flat and the swells are hard to see with the naked eye, SEASPECS give definition to the incoming swells and provide a leg up on getting in position and catching that wave!
Roger Hochman — Houston, TX, United States

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I am a fussy man when it comes to buying sunglasses. But when i discovered Seaspecs i was overjoyed. They are by far the best type of sunglasses for me. I have been using Sea Specs for 6yr plus and as i work in the diving industry they are perfect for my use. I have 4 pairs in use at the moment so needless to say I do not just use them for work.
Thanks. Ben J. Farrar
Benjamin Farrar — Bandung, Indonesia — Wobbegong Divers

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Luca & SeaSpecs Stealth

These shots of @Luca M Salvatore from Jimmie Hepp Photography are for SeaSpecs Sunglasses.
...from Hookipa, Maui.
Thank you Jimbo. You do a magnificient work out there.
Luca Salvatore — Maui

Marcilio is stylin'" class="img-responsive

Marcilio is stylin'

Easy rider just chillin' with his SeaSpecs!
Marcilio — Brazil

Start them wearing SeaSpecs young!" class="img-responsive

Start them wearing SeaSpecs young!

I always promote you guys. Anyone who has purchased from Southern California in the past 10 or so years has likely seen and heard about it from me ;)
Greg Oberman — California

Marcilio and his Classic Sunfire Specs" class="img-responsive

Marcilio and his Classic Sunfire Specs

Another great shot from Marcilio!
Marcilio — Brazil

The Best water sunglasses ever!!" class="img-responsive

The Best water sunglasses ever!!

Hello guys!
Another picture with the most perfect sunglasses. Sea Specs!!
We only Sea Specs to water sports!
It's amazing and the best sunglasses ever!!
Lago de Furnas/ Minas Gerais - Brasil
See ya!
De Angels & Cintia
Cintia & De Angels — Brazil

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Diesel & SeaSpecs Classic

Great for boating & jetskiing, even Diesel loves them!
Skye N Shannon Fuller — Australia

Me and my Classics at Bird Island, NC" class="img-responsive

Me and my Classics at Bird Island, NC

I love my classics and just looking to update the look. I've used them exclusively for the past five years and they are still like new.

Sea Specs are without question the best glasses I've ever used on the water! They have never come off no matter how many "face washes" I've had. I ride a Seadoo RXT-X rather aggressively and they've never let me down. I've owned PWC's for the last 15 years and have tried all sorts of eyewear. Sea Specs are far and away the best you can buy!

Below, me and my Classics at Bird Island, NC


Love my SeaSpecs!" class="img-responsive

Love my SeaSpecs!

Love my SeaSpecs! I’ve gone through various brands of sunglasses for kiteboarding. So far SeaSpecs are the only ones that fit my face/helmet combination needs. They stay put, even when crashing. All this with a reasonable price tag, it is always good to have an extra pair!

Roberto Soza — Jetty Island – Everett, WA