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Love these sun glasses!" class="img-responsive

Love these sun glasses!

I use them for surfing, jogging, bike riding and motorcycle riding. Mahalo Nui. These pics were taken at Volcano National Park jogging with my dogs, Kala ia Oe and Popoki.
Kalina McKee — Hawaii

Great Active Watersports Sunglasses

Bought the Classic in Cobalt Blue with grey polarized lenses. Wrap around design fits my average width face perfectly and keeps the rays and water out. Seem to vent and drain well, I have not had an issue with fogging even in hot, strenuous conditions. Non stretch strap can be adjusted with one hand and cinched down as tight as you need. I use these mostly for windsurfing and find they stay on in all but the most severe crashes and can be retrieved as they float. These would be great for any active watersports, windsurfing, surfing, paddleboarding, kiting etc, and will save your eyes on those long sunny days on the water. The only thing I have noticed with the Cobalt Blue is that they have bleached out to a more purple color over time. These are an excellent option for the price and I could afford to lose a pair in the water unlike my more expensive sunglasses.
Chris Lock — Kihei, HI, United States

Happy Rx Customer" class="img-responsive

Happy Rx Customer

I wore my SeaSpecs for the first time today while sailing! I was 'styling’. They are wonderful, even better than I imagined. Perfect for sailing. Real quality at a great price. And you folks are so kind and helpful. Thank you
Bill Freeman — VA

Awesome Development & Service" class="img-responsive

Awesome Development & Service

I ordered my first 3 pairs of the original SeaSpecs about 4 years ago, & they are still going strong on my JetSki. I advised the team some time later that I thought a larger fit (frame & lens ) would be a big improvement. I've just received my new Destroyers & I must burst into praise & say WELL DONE, you guys have Nailed it! Excellent dispatch and delivery time to the other side of the world too. B from DownUnder.
Brendan Curtain — Maianbar, 2230, NSW, Australia

Great Floating Sunglasses" class="img-responsive

Great Floating Sunglasses

The Floating Sunglasses are great and my husband Teiva it using them every day for his work. Teiva is doing Jet Ski Tours every day in Moorea and this Sunglasses are great protection for his eyes too. Is Orana from French Polynesia

Happy customer

Tried my new Stealth, windsurfing last weekend in Pointe-du-Bout. Perfect fit, stays on after my crashes, confortable (water runs off), sun protection, and of course, that perfect Neon Pink frame that matches my outfit ! Package delivery took about a month, as expected (must go through customs in Martinique), but I did not have to pay the local tax.
Ariane Maitre — Fort-de-France, Martinique

Tough as old boots

Used SeaSpecs for 3 years now and keep buying them every year. Not because they don't last but keep geeting nicked from fellow divers, mates and wife. I treat them roughly and they have lasted well using them on the sea, cycling, running & bushwork. I now keep a few pairs lying around so I never forget them when I need them
Christopher Guimaraens — Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal

Vision Savers" class="img-responsive

Vision Savers

My opthalmologist told me to use sunglasses in the water or i could lose my vision. I have been wearing SEASPECS for about 8 years now and while everyone else is squinting into the sunlight, i am sitting cool and calm waiting for that next wave that i can see so well. Not only do SEASPECS protect your eyes, but when the light is flat and the swells are hard to see with the naked eye, SEASPECS give definition to the incoming swells and provide a leg up on getting in position and catching that wave!
Roger Hochman — Houston, TX, United States

Diving" class="img-responsive


I am a fussy man when it comes to buying sunglasses. But when i discovered Seaspecs i was overjoyed. They are by far the best type of sunglasses for me. I have been using Sea Specs for 6yr plus and as i work in the diving industry they are perfect for my use. I have 4 pairs in use at the moment so needless to say I do not just use them for work.
Thanks. Ben J. Farrar
Benjamin Farrar — Bandung, Indonesia — Wobbegong Divers

Luca & SeaSpecs Stealth" class="img-responsive

Luca & SeaSpecs Stealth

These shots of @Luca M Salvatore from Jimmie Hepp Photography are for SeaSpecs Sunglasses.
...from Hookipa, Maui.
Thank you Jimbo. You do a magnificient work out there.
Luca Salvatore — Maui