Extreme Jet Ski Sunglasses


Best Jet Ski Sunglasses ever! Outstanding comfort and retention...I pull barrel rolls, backflips and big surf re-entry's while getting by waves all day long and have yet to lose a set from them just popping off.

Who needs Jet Ski Sunglasses?
Jet Skiing is a fast, fun and exhilarating extreme sport! The wind and water spray are always in your face. And of course the sun's harsh UV rays are constantly in your eyes. Sure you can wear a helmet with a visor, but fogging and heat can make a helmet extremely uncomfortable while jet skiing. Riding a jet ski is fun and you can be out on the water all day unless your eyes are burning and dried out from the sun, wind and water. Dry eyes can easily become sunburned! Regular exposure to the elements can cause dry eyes, cataracts, pterygium, macular degeneration and even eye cancer.

What are Sunglasses for Jet Skiing?
Jet Ski Sunglasses protect your eyes and stay on your face. An integrated secure strap will keep the Jet Ski Sunglasses on your head - with or without your helmet. The lenses are Polarized, 100% UVA & UVB Resistant and come in three colors so you can have the right tint for various light conditions. The frames are built with Injection Molded Nylon, an extremely strong and lightweight material and the hinges are designed as part of the frame and made of Nylon so they are as strong as the frame. Air flows freely through the frames because they are ventilated to reduce fogging.

The Best Jet Ski Sunglasses
The best jet ski sunglasses (and surf sunglasses) can be worn for hours because the strap is comfortable and can be adjusted with one-hand! The frame comes in a one-size-fits-all wrap-around design so you get maximum coverage. Your eyes are covered from temple to temple so you can see all around you without squinting from the sun, wind or water spray. Jet skiers are a radical bunch and live on the edge, but need eye protection just like the rest of us! Take care of your eyes - get grey lenses for the sunniest time of day, brown lenses for early morning or late afternoon and clear lenses for overcast or nighttime. Check out Soleil Specs, Tortuga Specs and Crystal Specs - Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!


Prescription Jet Ski Sunglasses
It is critical to be able to see clearly while you're riding on a fast and powerful jet ski. If you wear glasses on land, you need to wear Prescription Jet Ski Sunglasses while riding. When you make quick turns, negotiate other watercraft or jump a wave, be responsible to yourself and others around you - be sure you can see! You can find Prescription Sunglasses for Jet Skiing on this site - just click on this link - FAQ.

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