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Kiteboarding Sunglasses

Why use Kiteboarding Sunglasses?

Lots of people think kiteboarding is the same as kitesurfing, but they are two different water sports - both need Kiteboarding sunglasses or kitesurfing sunglasses. Kiteboarding relies more on the wind than the waves. Kiteboarders can stay out on the water for hours and hours doing switch turns, chop hops, tail grabs, catching air, jumps, front rolls and lots more! Freestyle and regular Kiteboarding exposes your eyes to continuous wind coming at your face. Don't let your eyes dry out and get burned - wear sunglasses for Kiteboarding.

Sunfire Specs:Sunglasses for kiteboarding in the most intense sun

Sunset Specs:Kiteboarding sunglasses for dawn and dusk

Prescription kiteboarding sunglasses - choose your color frame and lenses!

What are Kiteboarding Sunglasses?
Kiteboarders need practical sunglasses for kiteboarding with a full frame for the greatest defense of their eyes. The frame allows the air to flow to decrease the possibility of fog when combined with water and body temperature. The Kiteboarding sunglasses offer total coverage across the face including side views. High-quality impact-resistant lenses supply 100% UVA & UVB protection to keep the grueling sun's rays out of their eyes. Lens polarization cuts the glare that is intensified from the reflection off the surface of the water. A secure strap that is built into the frame is a critical component for sunglasses for kiteboarding. Kiteboarding goggles are not suggested gear for this water sport.

The Best Sunglasses for Kiteboarding
The Best Sunglasses for kiteboarding are made for intense settings by using a tough frame made of nylon that has been injection molded. An equally tough strap built into the frame is required to keep the kiteboarding sunglasses on and provides one-handed adjustment so the kiteboarder can keep one hand on the grip at all times. The best Kiteboarding sunglasses are comfortable to wear for hours - kiteboarders are daredevils and stay out on the water all day. Lenses are the shield of the sunglasses that keep the whipping winds from drying out the eyes. High-quality 100% UVA & UVB resistant lenses with polarization stop the harsh rays of the sun and the blinding glare from frying the eyes.

Prescription Kiteboarding Sunglasses
Prescription sunglasses for kiteboarding are a must if you don't have 20/20 vision. The gusty winds and face plants make wearing contact lenses a waste of time - they come out and are gone forever. Contact lenses don't act as a shield and tinted lenses are difficult to find. SeaSpecs has prescription Kiteboarding sunglasses for a reasonable price. See the simple order info on the FAQ page.

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