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Great for Rafting! class="img-responsive

Great for Rafting!

I'm a whitewater river guide so I'm in and out of the water a lot. I got a pair of Rx SeaSpecs because I liked how the strap on the back tightens really well and holds firm. I've swam class three rapids with these glasses on and they stayed on nice and snug. They fit well under most helmets too. I do a lot of rock climbing as well with my SeaSpecs. It's nice to not worry about glasses falling off while I'm on the wall. These glasses are great for just about anything, but as far as water sports are concerned they are the best. Plus they look super cool. I get compliments on these glasses all the time. I just ordered my second pair and I've been very impressed with this company's customer service...always super helpful. SeaSpecs are sturdy,
comfortable, and stay on my head. These are awesome glasses.

Testimonial By: Landon