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"Battling On for the Greater Good" class="img-responsive

"Battling On for the Greater Good"

Thankyou SeaSpecs for the best sunglasses I have ever bought, I was amazed at the speed my parcel of three pairs of glasses arrived as I live in Hawaii. I ordered them Tuesday evening and they were here on Friday morning!! Needless to say I took them out fishing to one of my favorite spots and I caught more fish than usual, the difference was unbelievable I could see the fish pulling at the bait from 50 yards away. The sun in Hawaii is very strong so seeing under the water was difficult, but now I feel I have an unfair advantage on the fish. I gave my husband the free Jet pair for his birthday and he loves them too.

Here I am wearing my Tortuga pair please feel free to print this testimonial and my picture in your gallery !!!

Testimonial By: Michelle Squire