Customer Review

I bought a pair of Prescription SeaSpecs almost a year ago and have been meaning to write to you to say how they've changed my life! For nearly 30 years of surfing, I was near blind out there, particularly on overcast days when the clouds blended in with the water. It was always challenging to judge the size of the sets and where a wave was going to break. Many times I was caught out of position, paddling at the last second toward the wave. And forget having a conversation with another surfer in the water -- if his face was a blur, I could barely make out what he was saying ... All that changed with the Sea Specs.

Now I can see the waves clearly, well off in the distance. I don't have to fiddle around paddling from place to place at the last second -- I see the action clearly. I can talk to surfers, even ones at a distance. BEST OF ALL: No fog. The glasses stay clear, which is some kind of engineering feat. Thank you very much -- Sea Specs have changed my life!

Testimonial By: Peter & Jen Van Allen