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SeaSpecs saved my life class="img-responsive

SeaSpecs saved my life

Last year while jet skiing on the chesapeake bay in Annapolis, MD. I ran into a violent thunderstorm. Sustained winds of 60 mph, gusts to 100 mph. I had to navigate 7 ft seas, basically submerging every other swell. It was a storm I didn't think I had a chance of surviving.

I credit SeaSpecs as a huge part of what saved me that day. Despite the worst conditions imaginable, my sea specs stayed on and I was able to see through the driving rain that stung my skin.

I haven't stopped recommending your sunglasses since that day, and I wanted to thank you for selling such a useful (and apparently life saving) product.

I am a customer for life!

Thank you!

Testimonial By: Philip Altschuler