All Customer Reviews

All Customer Reviews
I wore my new SeaSpecs today for the first time out paddle boarding, and I love them! The prescription is just right, and the grey lenses & Stealth frames are great. I appreciate all your help & quick delivery. Everything with the ordering process was quick & easy, and my SeaSpecs are perfect. My prescription SeaSpecs allow me to enjoy all of my watersports & beach time, they are absolutely essential. SeaSpecs are the best!!!
Troy Manlove
Virginia Beach
After a week of wearing the new glasses and an adjustment time I found them to be just right. Rx is on spot and they are very comfortable. Thank you for working with me and going the extra mile and having them made without polarization.
Carlyn Nelson
I use them for surfing, jogging, bike riding and motorcycle riding. Mahalo Nui. These pics were taken at Volcano National Park jogging with my dogs, Kala ia Oe and Popoki.
Kalina McKee
I wore my SeaSpecs for the first time today while sailing! I was 'styling’. They are wonderful, even better than I imagined. Perfect for sailing. Real quality at a great price. And you folks are so kind and helpful. Thank you
Bill Freeman
Hi, The Floating Sunglasses are great and my husband Teiva it using them every day for his work. Teiva is doing Jet Ski Tours every day in Moorea and this Sunglasses are great protection for his eyes too. Is Orana from French Polynesia
PAPETOAI / MOOREA, , French Polynesia
Used SeaSpecs for 3 years now and keep buying them every year. Not because they don't last but keep geeting nicked from fellow divers, mates and wife. I treat them roughly and they have lasted well using them on the sea, cycling, running & bushwork. I now keep a few pairs lying around so I never forget them when I need them
Christopher Guimaraens
Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal
I am a fussy man when it comes to buying sunglasses. But when i discovered Seaspecs i was overjoyed. They are by far the best type of sunglasses for me. I have been using Sea Specs for 6yr plus and as i work in the diving industry they are perfect for my use. I have 4 pairs in use at the moment so needless to say I do not just use them for work. Thanks. Ben J. Farrar
Benjamin Farrar
Bandung, Indonesia — Wobbegong Divers
Easy rider just chillin' with his SeaSpecs!
Another picture with the most perfect sunglasses. Sea Specs!! We only Sea Specs to water sports! It's amazing and the best sunglasses ever!! Lago de Furnas/ Minas Gerais - Brasil See ya! De Angels & Cintia
Cintia & De Angels
I love my classics and just looking to update the look. I've used them exclusively for the past five years and they are still like new. Sea Specs are without question the best glasses I've ever used on the water! They have never come off no matter how many "face washes" I've had. I ride a Seadoo RXT-X rather aggressively and they've never let me down. I've owned PWC's for the last 15 years and have tried all sorts of eyewear. Sea Specs are far and away the best you can buy! Below, me and my Classics at Bird Island, NC
George research team at Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands here in French Polynesia, when we worked one solid month on dolphins. As always, our research was much more effective when we wore SeaSpecs because they cut the sun's glare from the sea surface, they didn't fog up when it rained or when we got splashed by waves, and they didn't fall off when we got bounced around in the boat. In fact, I wear them every time I'm on the water. From left to right we are Michael Poole; Marc Oremus; Scott Baker; and Renee Albertson
Michael Poole, Ph.D
Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
Aloha, Scott Woodward wearing SeaSpecs in Bahia de los Angeles while fishing for yellowtail! Fair Winds and Following Seas
Scott Woodward
Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California
Aloha SeaSpecs! I purchased my SeaSpecs several months ago, and haven't looked back! I wear em every time I'm fishing on my Hobie Tandem Island. I love the way they fit and most of all how they protect me from the glare! Mahalo for the awesome shades! Boo Baldovi Maui, Hawaii Have it Easy Kayak Adventures
Boo Baldovi
Hi I wear my Sea Specs out fishing all the time and have a set in my truck when I'm working as well wouldn't be without them. This photos was in Vavau Tonga fishing the Tongan International Billfish Tournament 2015
While working on my 1931 Model A this morning, I pushed the Specs up on my forehead. They fell off under the car. Instead of retrieving them right away I thought I'd get them after hooking up the battery. I forgot and drove away to the gas station. I parked in the same place but I had driven over one of the eye pieces, popping out the lens and squashing the frame. I took them home, microwaved a small bowl of water and placed the bent part of the frame in the hot water. I gradually forced the bent part out enough to squeeze in the lens. Now they are as good as new. I took photos of before and after but I can't figure out how to send the photos on your site.
joe dubiel
honolulu, HI, United States
I just recently got a pair of blue sea specs … and I just wanted to let you know how much I love them! I am a surfer In fort pierce Florida, and due to my constant presence in the ocean and light blue eyes I have gotten Pterygiums in both of my eyes. I have tried wearing other glasses in the ocean in the past, but none of them hold up and feel as well as yours! They are my new staple in the water and I'm so stoked on them and have been wearing everywhere!!! love your SeaSpecs! Thanks for keeping my eyes happy!
Carly Franko
I have been buying new kites every year but been wearing the same pair of SeaSpecs for years. Thank you SeaSpecs!
What a great product! I am a 62 year old surfer and have been looking for this type of eye protection, and your SeaSpecs are perfect.
Chuck Middleton
Sunny day, running the falls right into the sun, trusted my Sea Specs to counter the sunlight and keep my Line!!
Kalob Grady
A brief note to let SeaSpecs know that I have completed my Trail of Tears Water Route 2012 Expedition. I paddled some 1300+ miles on the TN. Ohio, MS. and AR. Rivers. With constant sun during my journey I could not have asked for a better pair of shades to protect my eyes. Thank you for providing me with a great product.
Dale Stewart
SeaSpecs - I never surf without them! Chad Deal, Hanalei Bay, Kauai Photo by Mark "The Shark" Magennis
Chad Deal
SeaSpecs...such great glasses for sea or snow! Bought 3 pairs of SeaSpecs delivered to my door for $108!! Can't go wrong. Cheers, Photo: Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Indian Ocean
Taz Peters
the specs stayed on...yeah! Chris Walker Adventurer, Consultant, Author Photo: South Coast NSW Offshore – Australia
Chris Walker
Awesome glasses. Managed not to lose them & to see really clearly. Would recommend them to anyone, especially mad women like me daft enough to take up surfing when they hit 40 to stave off the effects of middle age, long after the eyesight starts to fail! Thank you so much for all your help. Can't wait to use them again 🙂
Eileen attended the KORE (Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience) event on Saturday. She wanted to try surfing for the first time, but her eyes couldn’t handle the sun. SeaSpecs saved the day! Thanks from both Eileen & I. It was such a great experience for both of us!
Mitchin Mitch Haynie
John Mulcahy from Ireland here.Recently I sent you a letter looking for support with my up coming trek to Everest Base Camp for the charity Childaid Ireland and I was so grateful when you guys sent me a pair of Seaspecs they are fabulous. Thank you , thank you , thank you, the team from the charity would also like to acknowledge your kindness and support. The picture shows me on a training day in the Galtee Mountains here in Ireland, I actually took a slip on boggy ground and went head over heels and the Seaspecs stayed firmly where they were . A quality product from people of quality.
John Mulcahy
Aloha - I wanted to take a moment to thank you for my recent order of SeaSpecs from your company. I ordered them on Tuesday here in Hawaii, and they just arrived 3 days later by Friday! This is my first order from your company, and already I have taken the sunglasses down to the beach and they perform as advertised. I am very happy with them so far, and glad that a company still makes an affordable pair of water-sport sunglasses that perform so well.
Sean Hitchcock
Dear Seaspecs, Just a note to let you know how well your seaspecs worked for me. I just purchased a set of your sunglasses prior to teaching boating/PWC water safety course for Law enforcement at the Colorado River. I wore the seaspecs throughout the course and was very surprised by the comfort, clarity, and wind block while operating the PWCs at high speeds. I have been working the River for about 15 years and have tried many high end and expensive sunglasses over the years. The seaspecs out performed the others in this environment.
Sergeant Steve Hinojos
SeaSpecs...essential part of my quiver at G-land.
Chris Gaby
SeaSpecs are the best glasses! Did the Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race with them. Absolutely super!
Jeremy Grosvenor, Surfing Instructor
I received my SeaSpecs on Friday. We had some really good waves and plenty powerful thanks to Hurricane Irene. The glasses performed flawlessly duck diving the waves and keeping the glare down. I wear contacts and the brightness of the sun makes it very difficult and painful to see. Now that I have my polarized SeaSpecs I can look directly into the reflection of the sun without any problems. I have recommended your glasses to many people already. Thank you, SeaSpecs!
Everett Manley
Hey guys, here is a picture of myself, Kevin C, and Janet J putting some SeaSpecs through the paces on the Upper Pigeon River. The performance of the glasses were second to none! Thanks for Everything, SeaDog Productions
C. Jason Linder
Thanks! We wore SeaSpecs every day and they made our time in the waves so much more enjoyable while battling the tropical sun glare.
Tom Woods, Felipe Pomar, Rick Drayton & Mike Thomson
I'm wearing my ever so cool Prescription Sea Specs and loving them! I can actually "see" when I am out wave dancing!!!
Sherry Sterling
Hi SeaSpecs! We could finally test the sunglasses the first time on the catamaran, I can confirm that they are comfortable and suitable to our sport. Will certainly be the ideal companion for our record attempt on the route Dakar-Guadeloupe. Thanks again!
Andrea e Luca -
I bought a pair of Prescription SeaSpecs almost a year ago and have been meaning to write to you to say how they've changed my life! For nearly 30 years of surfing, I was near blind out there, particularly on overcast days when the clouds blended in with the water. It was always challenging to judge the size of the sets and where a wave was going to break. Many times I was caught out of position, paddling at the last second toward the wave. And forget having a conversation with another surfer in the water -- if his face was a blur, I could barely make out what he was saying ... All that changed with the Sea Specs. Now I can see the waves clearly, well off in the distance. I don't have to fiddle around paddling from place to place at the last second -- I see the action clearly. I can talk to surfers, even ones at a distance. BEST OF ALL: No fog. The glasses stay clear, which is some kind of engineering feat. Thank you very much -- Sea Specs have changed my life!
Peter & Jen Van Allen
I'm paddling the rivers arround the world since 2000 and I don't remember how many of those expensive sun glasses I lost during my paddling days. Finally I get my 1st SeaSpecs in 2005, result perfect!! I simply love its polarised technologie. Its comfortable, safe and it stays on my face even on Class 5 big rapids! SeaSpecs is my lifetime bit of paddling equipment which I can use on and off the water.
Serkan Konya
Aloha, I'm a 52 year old surfing mom of five in Hawaii and won't go surf without wearing your glasses! Mahalo Nui,
Kalima Roman
Hi SeaSpecs! Thank you for making good action glasses. I have ordered these from you obout two years ago for all of us 🙂 Here are some pictures taken in Greece, Lefkada. My son and doughter Nikolaj and Tara. Greetings from Slovenia,
Goran Jablanov
Attached is a photo of me (Carol Hesson) wearing SeaSpecs when I won the Women's Open Division in the 2011 ESA New England Standup Paddleboard Surfing Championships held in Newport, Rhode Island. I love the glasses and wear them all the time when I'm on the water, which is quite a bit given that I SUP for a living. Thanks for making a great pair of glasses!
Carol Hesson
I just wanted to tell you how great your sunglasses are for being out on the ocean. I stand up paddle almost every day here on Maui, and so that means I wear my Sea Specs sunglasses almost every day as well. I recently took advantage of your special promotion and got three new pairs (one blue!) and even though my other ones are in great shape I decided to wear one of the new pairs and pass on my old ones to a paddling pal who was overjoyed to get them! I love how they cover the entire eye area, yet allow air to flow and the strap is very useful when it gets windy or choppy. I have no trouble seeing out on the ocean as there is no glare whatsoever with these sunglasses. Thank you for making a great product! I have a paddling blog for women and for subscribers I blog daily about my ocean adventures! Just today, I visited with fifteen sea turtles and paddled with twenty spinner was amazing! In my photo I am wearing my wildwahinepaddler visor with my SeaSpecs.....part of my daily "uniform"!!!!
Mary Lanser
I have 3 pairs of Sea Specs. One clear lenses, perfect for night time mountain biking, one grey lenses perfect for any bright day water sports, and one amber which are great for evening surf sessions or cloudy days. Whenever I surf, kayak and fish I've got my SeaSpecs on. Makes a huge difference as they significantly relieve eyestrain. These shades are great!
Chris Thacker
Hi Seaspecs, On October 10, 2010, I participated in the Bankoh Moloka'i Hoe as the sole Connecticut paddler with the New York Outrigger team. The“Moloka’i” as it is known is the world's premier outrigger race and held in Hawaii. This was the 59th running of the race. The course runs from Hale O Lono on the island of Moloka'i to Waikiki on the island of Oahu across the Kaiwi Channel. These are very rough waters, very rough waters, indeed. There were 121 entries. The boats were OC-6s (six man outrigger canoes). Each boat has six seats, nine male paddlers, an escort boat, and weighed three-quarters of a ton when fully manned. Change outs occurred periodically and were performed while moving, pony express style. For our team, the race lasted just under seven hours. I never took my SeaSpecs off from start to finish, even during change outs.
Roger Crossland — New York Outrigger
I now see the white water better. Thank you
Alfonso Marquiegui — Spain
These glasses have changed my life! I have very light sensitive eyes and always struggled to stay out in the ocean because of it. These glasses are perfect, they have awesome vision, fit me well and stay on no matter how rough the sea is. For example duck diving for surfing is no problem at all.
Elke Blommers
New Zealand
Wouldn’t SUP without’em!!! Pura Vida from Costa Rica!
Costa Rica
Bought the Classic in Cobalt Blue with grey polarized lenses. Wrap around design fits my average width face perfectly and keeps the rays and water out. Seem to vent and drain well, I have not had an issue with fogging even in hot, strenuous conditions. Non stretch strap can be adjusted with one hand and cinched down as tight as you need. I use these mostly for windsurfing and find they stay on in all but the most severe crashes and can be retrieved as they float. These would be great for any active watersports, windsurfing, surfing, paddleboarding, kiting etc, and will save your eyes on those long sunny days on the water. The only thing I have noticed with the Cobalt Blue is that they have bleached out to a more purple color over time. These are an excellent option for the price and I could afford to lose a pair in the water unlike my more expensive sunglasses.
Chris Lock
HI, United States
I ordered my first 3 pairs of the original SeaSpecs about 4 years ago, & they are still going strong on my JetSki. I advised the team some time later that I thought a larger fit (frame & lens ) would be a big improvement. I've just received my new Destroyers & I must burst into praise & say WELL DONE, you guys have Nailed it! Excellent dispatch and delivery time to the other side of the world too. B from DownUnder.
Brendan Curtain
Maianbar, 2230, NSW, Australia
Tried my new Stealth, windsurfing last weekend in Pointe-du-Bout. Perfect fit, stays on after my crashes, confortable (water runs off), sun protection, and of course, that perfect Neon Pink frame that matches my outfit ! Package delivery took about a month, as expected (must go through customs in Martinique), but I did not have to pay the local tax.
Ariane Maitre
Fort-de-France, Martinique
My opthalmologist told me to use sunglasses in the water or i could lose my vision. I have been wearing SEASPECS for about 8 years now and while everyone else is squinting into the sunlight, i am sitting cool and calm waiting for that next wave that i can see so well. Not only do SEASPECS protect your eyes, but when the light is flat and the swells are hard to see with the naked eye, SEASPECS give definition to the incoming swells and provide a leg up on getting in position and catching that wave!
Roger Hochman
Houston, TX, United States
These shots of @Luca M Salvatore from Jimmie Hepp Photography are for SeaSpecs Sunglasses. ...from Hookipa, Maui. Thank you Jimbo. You do a magnificient work out there.
Luca Salvatore
I always promote you guys. Anyone who has purchased from Southern California in the past 10 or so years has likely seen and heard about it from me 😉
Greg Oberman
Great for boating & jetskiing, even Diesel loves them!
Skye N Shannon Fuller
Yep my experience with your Sea Specs have been nothing but good since I bought my first 2 pairs about 2 years ago. I use them mainly for Kitesurfing and I would not go on the water without them. They have never failed me once ….they fit so well and the strap holds them perfectly in place……I don’t even realize I’m wearing them half the time. And when I do need to take them off….the large tab on the strap allows me to release them very easily/quickly. They have worked so well I just bought another 3 pair ? Here are a couple of snaps from Cayo Guillermo Feb 2015.
Darin Bechervaise
Pointe Claire, Canada
... SeaSpecs make me a prescription set of glasses for kiteboarding and I must say they are great and I highly recommend them!
Malcolm Robbins
Wassenaar, Netherlands
Aloha, Don Weir wearing SeaSpecs in Bahia de los Angeles while fishing for yellowtail! Fair Winds and Following Seas, Don
Don Weir
Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California
Love them for rides on the Waverunner on the Great Lakes. The polarization and wind protection is great. I don't have to worry about losing them when turning my head since they float. Prompt shipping and excellent customer service.
Yvonne Rosset
Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
great product! great people
hank aul
kilauea, HI, United States — aul doitaul
Hi every one, the first day fishing with my SeaSpecs sunglasses at Papagayo, Costa Rica, what an experience, lots of difference from other brands I've been using!!
Jose Lizano
I'm a whitewater river guide so I'm in and out of the water a lot. I got a pair of Rx SeaSpecs because I liked how the strap on the back tightens really well and holds firm. I've swam class three rapids with these glasses on and they stayed on nice and snug. They fit well under most helmets too. I do a lot of rock climbing as well with my SeaSpecs. It's nice to not worry about glasses falling off while I'm on the wall. These glasses are great for just about anything, but as far as water sports are concerned they are the best. Plus they look super cool. I get compliments on these glasses all the time. I just ordered my second pair and I've been very impressed with this company's customer service...always super helpful. SeaSpecs are sturdy, comfortable, and stay on my head. These are awesome glasses.
SeaSpecs Sunglasses changed my views on paddling with sunnies. I never used to [use sunglasses] and now with the polarised lenses and fog free design, I feel naked without them!
Matt O'Garey
For the past two years I have had 2 trigiom surgery and skin cancer on my left eye. All due to years of surfing during middle of the day without any protection on my eyes. Now with your product I can keep on surfing without any worries!
I strongly rely on SeaSpecs for my protection. They protect me from blowing sand, UV rays, losing my contacts, right on down to helping me through the surf when all other glasses I have wore have fallen off or just plain fell apart from rough surf fishing life conditions. As of now this is my top go to item when I exit the truck into above mentioned conditions.
Capt. Adam Meider
Hereby i enclose a photo, taken on a Sunday afternoon run on a river in Belgium called "Schelde". A big ship had just passed us and we were enjoying the waves, taking some air. The SeaSpecs are really well doing, they never come off and protect my eyes against waterspray, without blurring my sight too long. Great to have them (I have placed another order, so I have some spares, and for some friends). Greetings from Belgium
Owning and operating a full time surf tour operation, I surf on average between 4 and 8 hours per day, and at 29 years old I have already suffered from multiple bouts of long-term sun blindness and have a pterygium encroaching on my iris. Ever since I started wearing SeaSpecs, however, my eyes have been perfectly fine. My pterygium has stopped growing, and I haven't experienced any sun blindness at all! In addition, I find that SeaSpecs hold up to use much better than other more expensive surf-glasses on the market. SeaSpecs enable me to surf epic waves under the equatorial sun for as long as my body can last. I don't surf without them.
Matt Rott
Whilst taking part in the World Surfski Series Race in Mauritius, this is me about to get SMASHED in the famous Le Morne pass, into reef, in BIG surf. I lost a whole heap of kit but my SeaSpecs remained firmly in place. Gotta Love Em!
Sean Smith
Ia orana (Tahitian for "Health and Life to you")! We are very favorably impressed with the quality of your sunglasses. I wear mine everyday in my boat, and the polarized lenses allow me to see into the water, something critically important in the shallow, coral laden lagoon. I gave my assistants each a pair of SeaSpecs for our research project in the Gambier Islands. Well Marc and Renee, like I, now swear by your sunglasses. We used them every day for one month in all kinds of conditions, and they are simply the best for our work. Marc and Renee had both purchased other sunglasses before arriving here, so for the first few days of the project they tested their sunglasses against the SeaSpecs...and in the end they used only SeaSpecs for the rest of the project. Mauru'uru roa ("Many thanks")
Michael Poole, Ph.D.
My SeaSpecs are always with me - no matter how rough the water gets! Thank you, SeaSpecs!
Simon Tapaj
Let me introduce you my Seaspecs family ! Wherever we are and whatever we do, we always carry our Seaspecs !
Benoît de Catuélan & Family
These shades really work. They don't fog up like other ones I've tried. I wear them out surfing or standup paddle boarding & they stay on; if not protecting my eyes, then pulled down to hang around my neck. Without them my eyes feel blow torched after hours in the Ocean. Grateful for such a great product.
Caverly Kennelly
Aloha SeaSpecs, I just want to say that your SeaSpecs are so well made that I'm still using the same glasses, and I'm not just a weekend surfer. I surf 5 days a week. Great product. Mahalo,
Paul Fujimoto
I just want to let you know how much I LOVE your Sea Specs. I am a 65 year old Boogie Boarder (not exactly extreme sports), but I do get dunked quite often. I usually wear cheap sunglasses with elastic around the back (often lost) but your Sea Specs are just amazing! I do not even have to wear a sun visor now as they are such a good fit and keep the sun well out of my eyes. I bought the 3 pair s & I have already worn the red & the white ones. JUST FANTASTIC. Good products are hard to find but this one I truly recommend.
Sandra Waterworth
Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club Inc prefer to wear Seaspecs when we're on the water. They don't fog up or fall off our faces when we're racing! Cheers
From the day I got the SeaSpecs, I have been using it every time when I went out for kitesurfing. It feels so good when using it. See attached a picture which you can use to put on your famous gallery if you want. This picture is of me with my blue SeaSpecs (my favorite color from all three SeaSpecs I have ) and was taken in Farø in Denmark during sunfall last Friday. It was awesome to kite with the glasses during the sunfall. Again thanks for the good service and your quality product. The copyrights of the picture are belonging to my boyfriend (Aleksandar Milojevic), which by the way is very happy with his prescription SeaSpecs as well. Best regards,
Monique van Staalduinen
I had an interesting experience with my Sea Specs yesterday and would like to tell you about it, please feel free to post it on your website, I have attached a picture of me in my new sea specs after a surf lesson. Yesterday while paddling out to surf in the China Uemura longboard classic, I paddled out like I would have any other day. Queens beach was INCREDIBLY crowded, so all of the women were dodging people in the various lineups to their best ability to get out to the contest break, a split second decision made by a surfer to turn around and take off on a wave likely would have taken my eye out or at least severely injured it and made a really bad end to my day. But I was wearing my sea specs. The surfer turned around and took off on a wave at the last second thinking they could make it without hitting me, but of course they fell, the surfer's board flipped and while carrying A LOT of forward momentum, hit me HARD, it seems the tip of the surfer's longboard actually bounced off my sunglasses. I had nowhere to go and no time to dive under because people were EVERYWHERE. In a split second I heard/felt a loud CRACK and my head was sandwiched between the two boards; the surfer must have fell on top of their board because the boards actually compressed with my head between them as well, everyone who saw it couldn't believe I was okay. This included the other competitors I paddled out with, who saw what happened. While waiting for our heat, we all concluded that my SeaSpecs sunglasses saved my left eye. I appear to have a little concussion and a nice black eye. However, my SeaSpecs saved me, and to my own shock, they are still intact although covered in board wax. Believe it or not, I still got to surf my heat while wearing my stylin' SeaSpecs. Thank you SeaSpecs,
Jennifer Lee
I use my prescription Seaspecs for downhill mountain biking... and they're awesome! Just wanted to tell you about it. Fantastic!!! Improves my riding experiences in the Norwegian mountains a lot...!
Peter Lausten
...the SeaSpecs are quite brilliant. We flipped our rescue boat in large surf and were both submerged for a while, when we surfaced, the SeaSpecs were firmly in place. If I had been wearing anything else, I am sure I would have lost them. Regards,
Dan Mather & Crew
I've used SeaSpecs all days also when the waves were pretty big in Puerto Rico! I' ve really enjoyed your product..your glasses saved my eyes! 😉
Fabio Fugazzatto
Dear SeaSpecs- I just wanted to drop you a quick note telling you how impressed I am with your customer service. After three years of excellent service from my SeaSpecs kiteboarding in many places around the world... It is so refreshing, in this day and age, to see a company really care about their customers. Stay Frosty,
Joel, New York, NY
SeaSpecs go with me wherever I play...from the killer surf in Hanalei to the black ski runs in the mountains. Aloha,
Chad Deal
"Seaspecs for me are the best in the world, Seaspecs is a serious company that guarantees its products. This is wonderful and I became a fan forever." Hugs Aloha and thanks
Kleber Batinga
Thankyou SeaSpecs for the best sunglasses I have ever bought, I was amazed at the speed my parcel of three pairs of glasses arrived as I live in Hawaii. I ordered them Tuesday evening and they were here on Friday morning!! Needless to say I took them out fishing to one of my favorite spots and I caught more fish than usual, the difference was unbelievable I could see the fish pulling at the bait from 50 yards away. The sun in Hawaii is very strong so seeing under the water was difficult, but now I feel I have an unfair advantage on the fish. I gave my husband the free Jet pair for his birthday and he loves them too. Here I am wearing my Tortuga pair please feel free to print this testimonial and my picture in your gallery !!!
Michelle Squire
At last, after over 30 years of paddling either in semi-blindness or struggling with Croakies, string or duct tape I discovered Seaspecs, Prescription Sunglasses that stay on! You can dive into the river, stand under a waterfall or paddle the river. They also do CLEAR lenses for kayaking in North Wales in the winter! National Champion in slalom canoeing, a pioneer in the sport of canoeing and author.
Dave Manby — Grand Canyon, USA
Last year while jet skiing on the chesapeake bay in Annapolis, MD. I ran into a violent thunderstorm. Sustained winds of 60 mph, gusts to 100 mph. I had to navigate 7 ft seas, basically submerging every other swell. It was a storm I didn't think I had a chance of surviving. I credit SeaSpecs as a huge part of what saved me that day. Despite the worst conditions imaginable, my sea specs stayed on and I was able to see through the driving rain that stung my skin. I haven't stopped recommending your sunglasses since that day, and I wanted to thank you for selling such a useful (and apparently life saving) product. I am a customer for life! Thank you!
Philip Altschuler
…My Rx SeaSpecs make the world of difference to my surfing …The customer service I’ve received from Wendy has been superb…Rx SeaSpecs are so worth the money and I can never imagine surfing without them given my current prescription!! I would 100% recommend Rx SeaSpecs to anyone considering prescription surf glasses! Don’t wait, just do it! Photo from my surfing trip in Bali!
Patrea — Australia
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