Extreme Fishing Sunglasses

Extreme Fishing Sunglasses

SeaSpecs are AWESOME Fishing Sunglasses.
I never took them off all summer. I was on a bass boat this year in a tournament doing 70mph plus and they never moved an inch.
– Joe Bass

Fishing Sunglasses

Who Needs Fishing Sunglasses?

If you are a fishing enthusiast and you want to see what’s at the end of your line, YOU need fishing sunglasses! Fishing sunglasses are similar to surfing sunglasses and jet ski sunglasses. While fishing, you are constantly looking down at the water. All day the sun’s rays are reflecting off the water into your eyes – that puts a huge strain on your eyes, making them tired. Tired eyes don’t see very well and if you can’t see very well, you’re not going to catch many fish.

Important Features of Sunglasses for Fishing
Absolutely the most important feature for fishing sunglasses is POLARIZATION! Looking down into the glare off the surface of the water for hours causes the eyeballs to become fatigued and can lead to really bad headaches. Squinting to reduce the glare also reduces your sight line – how can you catch fish when your eyesight is limited? Next up in the list of priorities is UV protection. Take care of your eyes and safeguard them from the destructive radiation from the sun or you could end up with fried eyeballs – yes, your eyes can get sunburned, which can result in long-term trouble like macular degeneration, ptygerium and even eye cancer. Last, but not least, get yourself a pair of sunglasses for fishing with a strap. Not just a lanyard, a strap that’s part of the sunglasses. Lanyards make it too easy to leave the fishing sunglasses hanging around your neck instead of wearing them.

The Best Fishing Sunglasses
Polarization, 100% UVA/UVB protection, integrated secure strap system adjustable with one hand, wrap-around frame to provide peripheral vision protection and a durable frame with air holes to fight fog – those features make up the best fishing sunglasses. And you can find them here!

Rx Fishing Sunglasses for Prescription
If you don’t have 20/20 vision and you love to fish, don’t miss out any longer. Fishing Sunglasses are available for your prescription! All the design features of the best fishing sunglasses using your Rx prescription at a reasonable price. Choose your frame – 7 color options, choose your lens tint (standard with POLARIZATION, 100% UVA/UVB). Click here – ordering is quick, easy and you’ll have your prescription sunglasses for fishing 14 days after your payment is received!

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