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SeaSpecs saved my life

Last year while jet skiing on the chesapeake bay in Annapolis, MD. I ran into a violent thunderstorm. Sustained winds of 60 mph, gusts to 100 mph. I had to navigate 7 ft seas, basically submerging every other swell. It was a storm I didn't think I had a chance of surviving.

I credit SeaSpecs as a huge part of what saved me that day. Despite the worst conditions imaginable, my sea specs stayed on and I was able to see through the driving rain that stung my skin.

I haven't stopped recommending your sunglasses since that day, and I wanted to thank you for selling such a useful (and apparently life saving) product.

I am a customer for life!

Thank you,
Philip Altschuler

Hi Seaspecs,

On October 10, 2010, I participated in the Bankoh Moloka'i Hoe as the sole Connecticut paddler with the New York Outrigger team. The“Moloka’i” as it is known is the world's premier outrigger race and held in Hawaii. This was the 59th running of the race. The course runs from Hale O Lono on the island of Moloka'i to Waikiki on the island of Oahu across the Kaiwi Channel. These are very rough waters, very rough waters, indeed.

There were 121 entries. The boats were OC-6s (six man outrigger canoes). Each boat has six seats, nine male paddlers, an escort boat, and weighed three-quarters of a ton when fully manned. Change outs occurred periodically and were performed while moving, pony express style.

For our team, the race lasted just under seven hours. I never took my SeaSpecs off from start to finish, even during change outs.

Roger Crossland
New York Outrigger

At last, after over 30 years of paddling either in semi-blindness or struggling with Croakies, string or duct tape I discovered Seaspecs, Prescription Sunglasses that stay on! You can dive into the river, stand under a waterfall or paddle the river. They also do CLEAR lenses for kayaking in North Wales in the winter!

Dave Manby - National Champion in slalom canoeing, a pioneer in the sport of canoeing and author.

Grand Canyon, USA

Dear Seaspecs,

I have 3 pairs of Sea Specs. One clear lenses, perfect for night time mountain biking, one grey lenses perfect for any bright day water sports, and one amber which are great for evening surf sessions or cloudy days. Whenever I surf, kayak and fish I've got my SeaSpecs on. Makes a huge difference as they significantly relieve eyestrain. These shades are great!

Thank you.

Chris Thacker

"Battling On for the Greater Good"

Thankyou SeaSpecs for the best sunglasses I have ever bought, I was amazed at the speed my parcel of three pairs of glasses arrived as I live in Hawaii. I ordered them Tuesday evening and they were here on Friday morning!! Needless to say I took them out fishing to one of my favorite spots and I caught more fish than usual, the difference was unbelievable I could see the fish pulling at the bait from 50 yards away. The sun in Hawaii is very strong so seeing under the water was difficult, but now I feel I have an unfair advantage on the fish. I gave my husband the free Jet pair for his birthday and he loves them too.

Here I am wearing my Tortuga pair please feel free to print this testimonial and my picture in your gallery !!!

Michelle Squire,
Oahu HI

"Seaspecs for me are the best in the world, Seaspecs is a serious company that guarantees its products. This is wonderful and I became a fan forever."

Aloha and thanks
Kleber Batinga