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Wakeboarding Sunglasses

Why wear wakeboard sunglasses?

Whatever you do on the water - wakeboard, surf or jet ski, sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment. Since there are many kinds of wakeboard sunglasses, surf sunglasses and sunglasses for jet skiing, you need certain features to give you the most protection for your eyes. Sunglasses should protect you from the unforgiving UV rays of the sun and from the reflection of the glare off the water. The shield of the lenses should act as a defense from the wind and water spray. All these elements - sun, wind and water, can dry out your eyes and make them vulnerable to sunburn. Sunburned eyes will keep you out of the water and can lead to disastrous consequences including permanent eye problems.

Basic Design Features of Sunglasses for Wakeboarding
Sunglasses for wakeboarding are not wakeboarding goggles. Goggles are uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time so your wakeboarding sessions will be short. Goggles while wakeboarding will fog up and you need both hands to rinse them or your vision will be impaired. The basic features you should insist upon when shopping for wakeboarding sunglasses are polarized lenses to reduce the glare, lenses with 100% UVA/UVB resistance, a full frame to give you the most coverage across your line of sight and a strap to keep the sunglasses for wakeboarding on your head.

Lightning Specs: Sunglasses for wakeboarding in the brightest sun

Tortuga Specs: Wakeboard sunglasses in the early morning and late afternoon

Prescription wakeboarder sunglasses - 3 lens tints and 7 frame colors!

The Best Wakeboard Sunglasses
It's time to gear up and get the best wakeboard sunglasses!

  • Polarized High-quality impact resistant lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Strong injection molded nylon frame with nylon hinges
  • Integrated strap system
  • One-handed adjustable strap
  • Vented to help reduce fogging and keep the lenses clear
  • Lens tint options for different lighting conditions

Prescription Wakeboarding Sunglasses
You CAN have all the right gear for wakeboarding even if you need to correct your vision. We can make wakeboarding Sunglasses with your prescription at a reasonable price. Get all the important features of the best sunglasses for wakeboard listed above AND corrective lenses - click here for easy ordering.

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